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    The benefits of Seaweed in plant fertilizers

    Seaweed And Plants The relationship between plants and seaweed has always been well known commercially, however from a plant science perspective, the multiple benefits this natural growth hormone provides is kept quiet. Covered in this article is how seaweed and the plant world go hand in hand, to work together on a symbiotic level. What […]

    New product: Cellmax Product X

    What is Cellmax product X? Product X is a Mycorrhizza product that is supplemented with several soil bacteria such as Trichoderma and other useful fungi. All this is packed in a tube with humified grape concentrate Mycor what? Mycorhiza are as it were transport and communication lines from the plant roots to the soil and […]

    How Plants Use Calcium And Magnesium

    The Importance Of Trace Elements When Growing plants we often neglect the fact that each micro and macro elements work in harmony together, like in nature all things work in a significance balance, meaning that the function of the plant at cellular levels relies heavily on certain minerals at certain times. Calcium and Magnesium play […]

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