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New product: Cellmax Product X

What is Cellmax product X?

Product X is a Mycorrhizza product that is supplemented with several soil bacteria such as Trichoderma and other useful fungi. All this is packed in a tube with humified grape concentrate

Mycor what?

Mycorhiza are as it were transport and communication lines from the plant roots to the soil and to other plants. In pure nature, plants, trees and bushes all grow in harmony with Mycorrhiza fungi. These Mycorrhiza extend the reach of the plant roots, allowing the plant root to absorb more and easier nutrients.
When comparing a plant that does not interact with Mycorrhiza, the uptake range of the roots can differ by up to 500% from the plant that does interact with Mycorrhiza.
A Mycorrhiza fungus lives on sugars, these sugars get the fungus from the plant in exchange for water and nutrients that the fungus gives back to the plant.

Product X contains Endomicorrhizas and this is the best known root fungus, more than 80% of the plants live in symbiosis with the Endomicorrhizza.

And what about the bacteria?

The bacteria in product X are useful bacteria that cause many processes in the soil. This product contains mainly Rhizobacteria. Rhizo is derived from the Greek word “Rhiza” which means root. Rihzo bacteria ensure better growth of roots but mainly protect roots against diseases and malignant bacteria.

Grape must concentrate

In the wine industry, Must is used as a name for freshly pressed but unfermented grape skins. Grape must contains many natural sugars and yeasts. The grape must in product X is already fully humified and has a very high humus content. The grape must is a direct food for soil life such as the micorrhiza and Rhizobacteria.

So why product X?

Product X is made to create more necessary soil life in the soil. When you grow in the open ground there are already many useful fungi and bacteria present in the soil. Administration of product X is therefore not necessary.
However, if you grow on a soil that is poor, such as sand soils, or grow on new untouched soil such as potting soil, product X can make a considerable difference in plant growth, resistance and health. Plants treated with Product X have a better resistance and are better able to withstand stress such as drought or too high salt concentrations that impede the growth of the plant.

How to use Product X

Product X is comes only in a small tube, yet this small tube contains enough Micorrhiza and bacteria to treat 15 to 25 plants. And is more than enough for 200-250 litres of soil.

You can use product X when growing from seed or when transplanting seedlings to the final pot. It is essential that you apply product X under the roots of the plant so that the roots can quickly come into contact with bacteria and fungi. There is no point in spreading this product on top of the soil.
It is also not useful to use this product if you have to repot the plants again. This will destroy the fine threads of the micorrhiza and it will take a while before the balance is restored.
Cellmax recommends using this product in organic crops with organic fertilizers that do not contain too high a concentration of salts. Mineral feedings, acids and salts (fertilizer) do not benefit soil life. Also Growing in larger pots (minimum of 10 litres) is recommended for organic cultivation and the development of bio life.

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