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Cellmax Coco Soil Mix is a high quality potting soil for growing all kinds of plants. Cocos has been used for years in professional horticulture as a growing substrate because of the excellent properties and results. Cellmax Coco Soil Mix is a high quality buffered coco substrate.  The capillary action is optimum for cultivating and is suitable for the European bio/organic agriculture and horticulture. And bears the RHP mark for Horticulture.

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Cellmax Coco Soil Mix, professional substrate for Cocos Agriculture and Horticulture

Coco Soil Mix is intended for cultivating in pots. Just fill the pot with Coco Soil Mix. For maximum aeration you can first fill the pot with Expanded clay pebbles. Let the young crop take root with Cellmax Root booster. Because this coco soil is not fertilised we recommend to start fertilizing your plants with the two part coco fertilizer: Coco grow, from the start.

During the flowering phase continue feeding with Cellmax Coco Bloom fertilizer. From approximately the 4th week of flowering use supplements boosters like PK-Booster or Flower simulator for a high quality end result and higher yields.

Cellmax Coco Soil Mix is reusable. Rinse the substrate after your harvest with Cellmax Allzymes to break down dead Root material and convert them into available sugars.

Cellmax Coco Soil Mix contains:

  • 100% Coco Peat
  • pH (H2O) 6.2
  • Electrical conductivity (EC) 0,9 mS/cm
  • Water retention capacity: 7.4ml/gr
  • 50L EN12580

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Weight 1000 kg

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