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Cellmax Terra Soil mix, Universal potting soil, is a powerful fertilizer enriched potting soil with direct absorbable nutrients. This potting soil is well suited for the beginning grower because its pre fertilised for +/-5 weeks of plant growth. You only need to water the soil to release the nutrients in the soil to the roots of your plant. This means that its not necessary to use grow fertilizers in the first 5 weeks. This soil is stable in pH for the whole cycle and does not need to be pH corrected.

Cellmax Terra Soil Mix: Easy to Use, Instant Results.

NPK 14-16-18

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Cellmax Terra Soil Mix Universal potting soil, professional potting soil for Potplants and Horticulture

Easy growing with the well know Cellmax Terra Soil mix. This potting soil is composed of the best types of peat, perlite and fertilizers. The fertilizers in this soil are strong enough for the first 5 weeks of plant growth and they ensures you as grower a rapid grow and a strong plant. The only thing you need to do is add water to the soil to release the fertilizers in the soil! When the leaves of your plant get a lighter green colour, it means that the fertilizers in the soil are running out. You can now feed extra Cellmax flowering fertilizer like Terra Bloom Mix to achieve a high yield end result. This soil is pH stable during the whole cycle. The result: easy to use, instant results. NPK 14-16-18

Cellmax Terra Soil Mix potting soil contains:

  • Brownpeat
  • Sphagnum peat
  • Milled peat
  • Coarse perlite
  • pH (H2O) 5,0-6,5
  • EC 1.19 mS/cm
  • Organic/Mineral fertilizers NPK 14-16-18. Contains micro nutrients.
  • Water retention capacity: 600 ml/L
  • Volume: 50L EN12580



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