*Flower Stimulator 1L/5L/10L


Cellmax Flowerstimulator is a Bloom booster which increases yield and taste of your Flowers & Fruits. This natural food supplement improves the absorption of nutrients, so that your plant becomes healthy and strong. Flower Stimulator increases the effectiveness of the photosynthesis, which results in better fruit bearing plants.

Result: Greater yield and more Flavour.

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Cellmax Flowerstimulator Professional Booster for Flowers & Fruits.

Cellmax Flowerstimulator is a bloom booster that has been specially developed by Cellmax for the flowering phase of the plant. It ensures abundant flowering and stimulates a wonderful sweet flavour for the fruits of quick-growing plants.

The Organic boost for the flowering phase of fast growing plants – it ensures abundant flowering and fruit development that ensure a higher yield and better end results. The complex molecular composition ensures that the total feed is absorbed more effectively by the plant. The intensified fructose content and the increased resistance of the plant will ensure a healthier life for your plants. Diseases and plagues have less chance to manifest themselves.

Cellmax products only contains the most pure and high quality ingredients which are perfect dissolved to be 100% available for your plants.

Dosage: Dilute: 2ml per litre (1:500) to a maximum of 4ml per litre (1:250)

Instructions: Shake well before use, close the bottle properly after use, best results when used together with Cellmax regular plant Fertilziers administer after the start of the flowering phase, a mixed-up feed solution must be used within 7 days.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dark and frost-free place. Keep away from children.

Ingrediënts in % (W/W):

  • 1,0% (P205)
  • 1,5% (K2O)
  • 0,001% (CU)
  • 0,003% (Zn)

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1L, 5L, 10L


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