*PK-Booster 1L/5L/10L


Cellmax PK booster is an strong liquid concentrated Phosphorus & Potassium Booster which develops the Fruits & buds of your plants. This product guarantees higher yields, bigger fruits and stronger plants.

Cellmax PK booster: Stronger plants that develop more fruit.

NPK 0-11-12

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Cellmax PK- Booster Professional Booster for Flowers & Fruits.

Cellmax PK Booster is a high quality product, based on pure Phosphorus and Potassium, this product stimulates the development of the fruits from plants in the flowering stage.

Potassium is important for the cell pressure and volume of the cell. Potassium has an impact on photosynthesis, the production of energy cells and the absorption of carbon dioxide. Flowering plants require large amounts of potassium to survive.

Phosphorus is needed for proper fruit development. The purity of the composition of phosphorus and potassium in Cellmax PK Booster ensures a rapid absorption of nutrients.

Cellmax products only contains the most pure and high quality ingredients which are perfect dissolved to be 100% available for your plants.

Dosage: Cellmax advises a dilution of 15 ml in 10 l of water. Administer after the start of the flowering phase. The dilution can be added to the nutrient container.

Storage advice: Keep closed and frost-free, do not store under the 5C

Warning: This concentrated nutrient contains salts and acid which may irritate skin, eyes. Lips and throat.

P-K 11-12

Ingredients in % (W/W):

  • 11% phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in water
  • 12% of potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water.


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Pallet 1L

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