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Cellmax Root booster is a powerful vegetable-based root stimulant for young plants. Root booster stimulates a rapid growth of the rooting system in the initial stage of the plant. And increases resistance of plants. It also improves vegatieve growth. Root booster is ideal for cuttings and plants that need to be repotted, or are unhealthy.

Result: Improves resistance and ensures a strong root system.

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Cellmax Rootbooster Professional Root Stimulator

Cellmax Rootbooster increases resistance and reduces the risk of diseases. When repotting (transplanting) and pruning, the plant’s resistance reduces significantly. During these phases, Cellmax Rootbooster maintains the levels of resistance and protects the plant, so that growth can continue smoothly. Cellmax Rootbooster is rich in organic trace elements, vitamins, and has a vitalising effect on plants. Use Cellmax Rootbooster on young plants, in particular, when repotting. This allows the roots to continue developing properly and the plant to continue taking root. With Cellmax Rootbooster, plants stay healthy and strong. Cellmax Rootbooster can be used with other fertilizers. In the event that few roots develop, it can also be sprayed directly onto the plant.

Ideal for potting young plants. Suitable for Fast growing Fruits & Vegetables –Suitable for cultivating on all kinds of Hydroponic setups like Deep Water culture, NFT and aquaponics.  Suitable for all kinds of Soils & Cocos substrates.

Cellmax products only contains the most pure and high quality ingredients which are perfect dissolved to be 100% available for your plants.

Directions for use: Dilution ratio (1:250) i.e. 20 ml to 5 litre of water use with every time you give water on a daily base to the cultivation medium until a strong root system has developed.

when repotting, you can pre-treat the growing medium with root booster solution. The results of root booster are better with low EC value, if necessary use during the first days only Rootbooster without other fertilizers.

Storage: Shake well before using, keep dark and closed and frost free.

NPK  0-1-0

Ingredients in % (W/W):

  • 1,0%(p205)
  • 1,0 (Na2O)
  • 0,0009% (Cu)
  • 0,001% (Zn)

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1L, 5L, 10L


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